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Facades- Bplan

Innovation in architecture, incorporated with differentiating solutions from BPLAN, giving facades great potential for sophistication and, above all, identifying.
The practical aspect of BPLAN solutions for facades is the creation of a second skin that, in itself, can revolutionize the image of a building, whether it is pre-existing or new, associated with the relevance of safety , shading, thermal optimization and versatility in transformation capacity depending on their use, when tothe panels are associated various opening systems.
May 2020

Thematic Panels Cities

BPLAN solutions, in addition to versatility, at the application level, can reflect the underlying theme of each project, configuring its identity. Cities around the world can be interpreted and represented in any context, in a formal and, above all, evocative gesture.


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April 2020

Project the Saudi Arabia

BPLAN panels can be applied anywhere in the world and in different contexts, in the same project, given the properties of its materials, the quality of the production processes and finishes. In Saudi Arabia, Bplan panels were aplied in the same project, from the outside , to the inside, with panels of great formal richness, in an extremely elegant gold color, giving dynamism and versatility to a building of great conceptual robustness.

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March 2020
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